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A Product of Collaboration by Expert Craftsmen and the Community

The Community: Raven the Pirate & Novel Carry

The Expert Craftsmen: Rambler Made, JW Knives, & Combat Beads

It's all about the quality.

You wouldn’t maintain a Porsche with a rusty screwdriver, would you? We wouldn’t expect you to do the same with your precious gear. Expertly crafted equipment deserves better, so we created the perfect kit to maintain your favorite tools and keep them in pristine working condition.

The Raven Kit’s tool roll is hand-crafted by Rambler Made from Wickett & Craig all-natural, eco-friendly Vegetable Tanned leather, sourced from Curwensville, Pennsylvania. The leather is saddle stitched by hand, a time-consuming process that produces an unparalleled bind.

The Combat Beads x JW Knives driver is machined from solid Titanium, a material that’s equal parts strong as it is light. This driver is meant to last a lifetime, just like the knives it maintains.

Only the best driver.

Designed and finished at Combat Beads’ and JW Knives’ workshops in Ontario, Canada. This isn’t just a precision screwdriver. This is the best precision screwdriver money can buy. 

The handle contains an ABEC 11 precision bearing – the highest quality bearing in its class – which can be easily removed for care and replacement should you need it. 

The grip is spacious and enhanced with frag-style knurling for increased precision, control, and torque.

The bits are sourced from Wiha tools and are regarded by the everyday carry community as the best precision bits for knives. You’ll never strip another bit again.

The driver is built with a magnetic insert so you don’t have to keep track of your bits when focusing on the task at hand.

Details, details, details.

The Raven Kit tool roll is tailored to fit the precision driver, nano oil, and surplus bits perfectly. Additionally, in the top left corner, you’ll find a screw tray depression to help keep you organized.

Included with your purchase is a black microfiber towel. Use it to clean your hands, your knives, and your other tools. Hell, you can even use it for spicy Instagram #BespokeEDC shots. 

Your knife maintenance kit doesn’t come in disposable packaging. We took care in sourcing a wooden crate that can be used to store your kit, your knives, or whatever else you see fit. Though, we suppose you could use it in your next bonfire if that’s your thing, too.

Your purchase includes:

1 x Leather Tool Roll
1 x Combat Beads Precision Titanium Driver
1 x Nano-Oil Micro Oiler (10 weight)
4 x Wiha Precision Bits (T6, T8, Phillips, Flathead)
1 x Black Shop Rag
1 x Premium Wooden Crate
1 x Special gift as a thank you from the teams behind your knife kit

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